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Modern & efficient configuration system up to the latest Discord's updates.


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Our system is based on the most powerful language AI model.


FREE to Use

CharacterWeaver is FREE. Thanks to our voting system, you can get as many credits as you need.

Behavior Interact

Customize your experience even further with Behavior Interactions...

CharacterWeaver allows you to create behaviors that are triggered automatically when certain events are called. For example, a message sent by a user or a new member who joins your server.

It is possible to create several behaviors, each behavior is associated with a specific event. The list of available events can be found here.

The name you give to a behavior is never visible and only serves as an identifier. The identifier will be used when you change it, so choose something short like "auto-response".


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You have a question?

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How I can invite CharacterWeaver?

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Nothing could be easier! There are several buttons ("Invite CharacterWeaver") on the page, click on them and follow the instructions. It is recommended to leave the default permissions for the bot to work properly.

Are there any restrictions/limitations?

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The bot is completely free, you may be informed by the bot that you no longer have credits, it is possible to earn free credits by voting. It is possible to vote every 12 hours, any member of your server can vote for you! It is therefore possible to use the bot completely free!

Is CharacterWeaver a paid service?

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NO! CharacterWeaver is free and unlimited because there is always a free way to earn credits easily. However, there is a premium version that contains many exclusive features, limited deletion and much more!

What can I use the bot for?

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There are many advantages to using CharacterWeaver. You could use it for practical purposes, using the automation features. Make your server more dynamic/live. Or just for fun!

How can I get help if I have a problem?

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Full documentation is available here. If you have any difficulty using our bot, we invite you to ask for help on our Discord support server. We do our best to respond as quickly as possible.

Do you keep user data?

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We do not keep any conversations; the ONLY data saved is the configurations you make with our bot. We do not resell any data to third party companies.